Terms and Conditions


 Main business logo of Valente Accardi Innovated 2022 men's clothing brand in Miami


    • Valente Accardi custom tailored exclusive sets = $150 + free shipping on all domestic orders.
    • Exclusive set (or any variation) = (1) custom tailored shirt (1) custom tailored pair of shorts (1) custom bucket hat w/ Valente Accardi monogram + custom details. 
    • We DO NOT ship finished garments until all payment processing terms & conditions have been met by “you” the client.


      • All forms of payment are accepted and processed via Stripe invoicing/payment links.
      • Full deposit payment is required upfront. This ensures the client with an order number placement as well as a marker for us to begin preparation for the making of your custom-tailored garment(s). If you can’t pay full deposit upfront, we may offer you the option of a half deposit of $75 upfront and $75 due at shipping.
      • If for any reason, a customer (due to any underlying reason) decides last minute that they do not want the product anymore after it has been fully completely and ready to ship — We would be compensated for time, creativity and expenses we have put in measure to complete finished set.


          • ALL garments are sewn with classic French inseams.
          • ALL garments are made exclusive to the purchaser of the set.
          • Each order placed will take a total of 1-2 weeks to gather any additional accessories/materials/supplies needed to fully draft/cut/sew your custom attire, to give you the full experience of owning Valente Accardi exclusive custom-tailored clothing.



          • If you have read and understand all requirements, then you may continue your ordering process or you may continue checking our men's two-piece sets to get ideas on what the final garment will look like.
          • If you have submitted an online order form from our website and would like to pay half the deposit upfront and half the deposit at time of shipping, we will initiate an invoice/payment link via Stripe. If you have submitted an order by purchasing full price upfront you will be ready to go, only be awaiting our sizing chart template for our second confirmation.
          • By initiating & completing either of these payment forms, you are confirming that you have read, understood, met all terms stated above and agree to purchase an exclusive Valente Accardi custom tailored clothing set or some variation of the set.
          • Once your purchase has been sent, confirmed and acknowledged by me or the staff, you will be sent a confirmation email of your purchase order with all necessary details included for your safe keeping records. 
          • Included in the confirmation email, there will be a pdf order template for you fill out. 
          • This will be your size measurement chart. In order for us to get your correct garment size measurements, please make sure to double check before you submit the form back to us and any other comments you may like to express with your order. 
          • After you have completed the pdf template form, you will submit the form back to us and we will begin the supplying and drafting process for your order, giving you a second confirmation of the details, we received. 
          NOTICE: Please be sure to fill out and double check all required fields of information necessary before submitting the form back to info@starboardrecords.com.
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