Keanu Gomes, known artistically as Big Sailor Baby, is a successful independent artist, mix engineer and entrepreneur. He began recording himself in 2014 on SoundCloud and has since released over 100+ songs before releasing his first album Stop By on all music platforms in 2020.

Gomes has done background work for John Leguizamo in his directorial debut Critical Thinking to which he is also made the cover in a purple shirt and in the classroom seen when Sedrick introduces Marcel to Mr. Martinez. He has co-signs from influencers such as Woah Vicky, Waveys World, and up and coming artist Lil Op. Gomes also has a song featured with Charles Infamous called Strawberry. Charles was featured on NBC’s Song land when hosted by Boyz II Men.

Keanu Gomes was born in Denville, New Jersey but has lived in Bushkill, Pennsylvania until he was 20 years old.  He was 14 years old when his he lost a friend to a house close by in his neighborhood, he had just been with earlier that day. While he struggled academically as an average student, Gomes would repeatedly get in trouble, resulting in him getting kicked out of out of East Stroudsburg High School North. In late 2014 he had to serve six months of probation and pay a $250 fine for possession of drug paraphernalia on Feb. 4 in Lehman Twp, which took place on his school campus grounds. Since then, between the years of 2014-2017 he began struggling with drug and opioid addiction ending up in a total of 9 rehabilitation facilities across the northeastern side of the United States. Simultaneously during all this he was getting back in the eyes of law enforcement forcing him to break probation and turn himself in to authorities for sentencing. When he got kicked out his last rehab, he ended up homeless in Philadelphia, during that time he wrote a lot of music and had to pan handle in the streets of Germantown just to eat and find a way home where he would have to turn himself in the next day and spend 3 months behind bars for breaking probation requirements of staying in rehabilitation. He ended up serving a total time of 7 months between three different time zones and two separate counties within the same state of Pennsylvania. 

Shortly after his release in 2017 from Pike County jail in Pennsylvania, Gomes moved that same day to Miami with his parents and shortly after released his first studio made single ‘New Day’ produced by Gominho at Bay Eight Studios in North Miami. Since taking to all platforms, He performed 2 songs live at Miami Live venue where he started building his network.

Big Sailor Baby is currently ready to publish his first book “Rappreneur, the complete history of hip-hop” and release another 100+ songs over the span of the next two years placing a single on each month of the calendar. 

He continues to do it DIY all from his home recording studio and having close to 6 years sobriety and recovery, dedicating all his time directly toward his art flow and independent career. His latest release this month was Far Gone slower r&b pop song released October 19, 2021. Big Sailor Baby current has 1.8k monthly listeners on Spotify. His next month release date is November 12, 2021, detailed on his home page website under upcoming releases.