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Intermediate Songwriting+Vocals Package

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Songwriting (1 song) + Vocals (mix & master) = $65 flat rate fee.
*Please note that I will be accredited and receive royalties as a co-writer through BMI services.
*Please read carefully and messaging me before ordering, give me some valuable information about your project to ensure that we have everything we need before we start.
Waddup people! I go by the artist name of Big Sailor Baby and I would love to connect and help take your song ideas to the next level!
Check out my social media links for my songwriting and vocal work!
I am a trained/self-taught session songwriter and vocalist with extensive experience in genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, and many styles of Rap. I will record vocals for any original or cover song of your choice. I will also write lyrics and melody and provide instrumental tracks for an additional cost, at your request.
*Songs will not exceed 3 min 30 seconds / an additional rate of $1 per second will be added if exceeded.
*Standard delivery 24-72 hours
*max 3 reviews after initial delivery