SoBelow Raw Sgreet'wear Graphic Tee x Champ – Starboard Records
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SoBelow Raw Sgreet'wear Graphic Tee x Champ

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SoBelow Raw Sgreet'wear Graphic Tee x Champ


The message behind this branding is to connect a community of teens and young adults who have struggled, continue to struggle, have a message of hope to offer, have recovered/overcame something.


The eye of my brand represents awareness of oneself and gratitude of that awareness. If you look closely, outlined are reflective three's. This represents creativity and as in the old saying "Three is the magic number". Within the brand name itself "SoBelow By LivRaw" I am quoting from the term "As above, so below" and in that it represents the balancing of your good and bad energy as a person going through life looking to find their light. The brand was created to represent how my life went from very bad to very good. But I HAD to make sure it looked super dope at the same time.