Meet Stefanie Marsse, The Next Queen of Pop!

Meet Stefanie Marsse, The Next Queen of Pop!

A powerful voice in Pop music, Stefanie Marsse is the newest emerging indie-pop artist from the Philippines. She has amassed over 20 thousand supportive fans since being an active freelance model and vocalist from 2015 to current date.

With her latest release, Love-Lie, It is likely Stefanie Marsse has some wonderful surprises still yet-to-be revealed to her supporters but they can always anticipate something special from the next queen of pop herself! Her voice gives lady Gaga a run for her money and its no mean feat - she is an immensely gifted vocalist. 

Tell us, what’s your background? What first got you into music?

“When I was younger, I love watching Disney movies, particularly Disney princess movies as they always involve catchy songs. I started mimicking the singers who sang these amazing Disney princess songs and from there I developed my love for singing. My dad pushed me to get into the singing industry by signing me up in two of the most successful voice training centers in my country (the Philippines). I also joined some singing contests but I never really found joy in competing with others as I believe each singer is unique on their own.”

How did you come to realize music was the way forward for you?

“When I started paying attention to the lyrics and the overall vibe of the songs I listened to, I realize that music has always been the one who understood the way I feel inside. Thus, I started writing my own songs in order to connect with others who feel misunderstood. To make them feel that they are not alone in whatever journey they are in.”

How would you describe the style of music you create, what inspires your song productions?

“For now, I 
primarily produce indie pop music since I want to reach a wider reach of audience to effectively disseminate my messages. However, I am a versatile singer-songwriter; thus, I can work on different genres. I also best believe that I am a multi-dimensional music artist as I gather inspiration from different sources such as, the stories I’ve heard and read, the life experiences I had underwent, and the songs I listen to, etc. I like to make my songs open to different interpretations— to drive people’s imagination when they hear my song/s.”

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

“Outside music, I have passion for cinematography. I started making films when I was ten years old and have been editing various films or videos for a decade now. However, I shifted to modeling since I love portrait photography and I want to take command of a photo's focal point by being its main subject. I think being a model is synonymous to being a music artist— both of them speaks a particular message”

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?

“I see myself producing albums after albums and going on tours from one country to another while being a successful freelance model in France. The next ten years is my golden era as it will all be about my growth as a person and as a music artist.”

What's your favorite project so far, and why?

“So far, I haven’t done much project music-wise as I am still an up and coming music artist in the industry. However, I am excited to connect with more people to create an unforgettable project. However, my greatest project for now is rebranding my music career as I want my audience to remember me by a particular signature style.”

What is the best advice you've been given so far in life?

“To never settle for less!  Always do your best!”

Which famous producers or musicians do you admire?

“I highly admire Finneas’ music production skills and I wish to learn from him personally! Lyric-wise, I would love to learn from Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift. They’re just so poetic!”

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

“I hope that this industry will stop prioritizing money over art and talent. There is this pressure to keep on creating songs and sometimes they do so without substance. Sometimes, the overall vibe and style is recycled— so it’s nothing new to music listeners. Creating songs for the purpose of making money in a rushed period undermines the purpose of creating songs— which is to connect with someone on a deep level because perfection takes time.”

Where's your career going next?

“Life is full of surprises, so I am not expecting anything but I am hoping for the best. I hope to grow my reach and to collaborate with more people as I am doing most of the work alone.”



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