Is Cardvel the Next Pharrell? This Georgia Rising Star Producer & DJ Has A Sound You Will Cherish

Is Cardvel the Next Pharrell? This Georgia Rising Star Producer & DJ Has A Sound You Will Cherish

Georgia producer, Reginald Cardvel Saunders Jr. is known as Cardvel, a New York Native from Smithtown, Long Island. After some time, Cardvel would later move down to Georgia to finish his education and to enlist into the Air Force where he has been serving proudly for 3 years. His consistency and drive for authentic good vibe music is what makes this producer so gravitating and though Cardvel has only been professionally producing for 5 months, he is soon to be an international DJ, where he will be doing a tour of Japan! 
Producer Dj Cardvel is the hottest new producer in Georgia
What first got you into music?
"I play the bass guitar and the cello and I am learning the six string electric. Favorite movie director is Wes Anderson . What first got me into music was my father. He used to play all of the classics in my early days; Isley brothers, Chaka khan, Franky Beverly etc. He used to have a studio in the basement that I would see but funny enough he never taught me about music production. The person that got me into making music was my 10th grade music technology teacher, Mr. Weibers. HE is THAT guy when it comes to music tech but I never learned any production in class just beat making and some music theory. Another key figure to my venture into music was my orchestra instructor, Mr. Berchbee. He was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart reincarnated. He taught me to play the cello and to read sheet music for 6 years. I love him and hope he’s still alive."

How did you come to realize music was the way forward for you?
"After enlisting into the Air force I had honestly forgotten about what music really means to me in terms of crafting it because I was busy with other obligations. Fast forward to April of 2021 my amazing girlfriend, sally, mentioned to me that Waka Flocka Flame was going to be performing at the Baxter arena in Omaha so me being excited I bought those tickets ASAP. The night of the concert comes around and I'm going to my seat and I see someone on stage I didn’t realize was Tai Verde at the time but I knew for sure it wasn’t waka. He does his set and I love it but at the end of his set he got really serious and he suggested to everyone in the stadium that if they wanted to do something to stop worrying about failing and to just do it. Listening to him say that really resonated with me so I ended up thinking about that the entire evening. After hearing that, meeting a couple of good people in the music business and going home to watch Kenny beats stream to hear him say some inspirational things it really pushed me over the edge to really start taking it seriously"
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Describe the style of music you create, What inspires your song production?
"The best way to describe the style of music I make is “every genre”. I've conditioned myself to be able to not only beat make but produce just about every genre except country only because I haven’t learned that genre yet. The inspiration for my music is usually always drawn from pure emotion. I have to be in a certain mood to make a lot of the things I make because I like for the music to have sentimental value behind the instrumental and meaning in the lyrics."
Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?
"YES, I have quite a few but my main squeezes are investing, playing poker, and fixing watches."

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next 5 to 10 years?
"I see myself being a pretty well renowned DJ and producer. I see myself spreading positivity world wide with not only music but with charitable donations and positive messages. I also see myself building a team of people to help uplift each other to the top so that everyone eats Also doing movie/tv show scores!"

What’s your favorite project so far and why?
"My favorite project so far is my very first one called “The Voyage”. It's a house/EDM/Hip hop record that is in the works so it's not out yet. Actually none of my personal work or collaborations with others is out yet but will be soon and I mean like in a month or less than soon."

What is the best advice you’ve gotten so far in life?
"The best advice I was given was “Don’t stop believing in yourself” it sounds cliché because just about everyone has gotten that piece of advice but that is the one that has gotten me to where I am today."

Which famous producers or musicians do you admire?
"A lot but the main ones that really influence me are Fred again, Kenny beats, Pharrell Williams, and Quincy jones."

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?
"I haven’t really been in the industry but from what I’ve seen/heard from long time players in the game, I would change the influence that the hunger for money has over it. I feel that there is a lot of great talent out there but they are scared because of “shady deals” and “debt to their eyeballs” so folks tend to stray away from even entering the game."
Where’s your career going next?
"New song releases and DJing in japan!"
Keep up with Cardvel!
Twitter: @Cardvelll
Instagram: @Cardvelll
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