This Indie Pop-Progressive Rock Fusion Band has all The “Good Stuff!”

This Indie Pop-Progressive Rock Fusion Band has all The “Good Stuff!”

Good Stuff is making it look easy when it comes to their progressive fusion of pop and progressive-rock infused vibes. Having done multiple show performances across East Stroudsburg and it’s surrounding areas, The North-Eastern Pennsylvania quartet is on the rise! Discover more about the band as we dive into their exclusive interview.

Introduce us to the band! How did you guys all meet? 

“Good Stuff consists of Ace Hendrix on drums, Taj Bridygham on bass, newest addition Sawyer Holdorff on lead guitar, and me, John Isolda, on vocals and rhythm guitar. I met Ace and Taj while working at a local music venue between 2017-2020. Throughout that time I worked as an audio engineer for local shows that Sawyer happened to play at in the Chris DeLa Cruz band. After being on a couple of bills together with Chris’s band, Good Stuff decided to invite Sawyer to turn the trio into a quartet.”

What’s your background, what does your band name mean?

“The background of Good Stuff is pretty much just a couple of workers in the industry and passionate musicians coming together to have fun and make big tunes. Before the pandemic I was only a stagehand/audio engineer and never had the drive to become a musician. With all that free time, music creation was just something that seemed ideal to spend it on after working in the industry for so long. After joining Ace and Taj, who have been creating and performing music for quite some time as well as working in the industry, the project was able to come to life and be brought to the stage. Good Stuff doesn’t really have a meaning in terms of standing for anything. It all really started as a joke in the workplace when our one friend would always respond to every and anything with “good stuff.” After saying that’d be a sweet band name it all kind of just fell into place. So I guess it just means.... stuff is pretty good."

Indie rock band Good Stuff the band East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

How would you describe the style of music you guys create? what inspires the song productions?

“I would describe our style as an indie pop/prog rock fusion. I wouldn’t say there is a specific set of things that inspire our song production, as its usually a random assortment of things. We all pull influence from the artists that inspire us in our production, but it really comes down to just making something we are all having fun playing.”

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

“We all really spend a lot of our time working around music and in the industry in general. Outside of work and the band, I like to play video games and do activities with my buddies. Usually you can find me playing a guitar if I’m not working though.”

What’s accomplishments do you see the band and yourself achieving in the next 5-10 years?

“In the next 5-10 years I see Good Stuff writing some really really good music. I don’t really have any idea of where this project will go, but I do know we will consistently practice our craft, grow our chemistry and always try to improve our song writing as the time passes. I like to challenge ourselves as musicians and step out of the comfort zone and hope with that it helps improve what we together can create as a band.”

Indie rock band Good Stuff the band East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Tell us about your experience as a performer, how many shows have you played so far?

“So far, being a performer has been a pretty wild experience for me personally. I have never been the super social type and was always pretty introverted, so getting into the spotlight and being the frontman of a band was something I never thought I’d do. This is my first musical project so I have never performed before this, and together we have played about 8-10 shows. Each and everyone has been such a fun experience.”

What's your favorite project so far, and why?

So far my favorite project to make was our single “Colors.” It was our first production together and we really crunched the time to get it recorded, mixed, and mastered in 3 days so we could put it with our SXSX application that had a deadline coming up. Although we didn’t get a spot at the event, I do think we made a really good song for what it was and it was the start of something special. The experience of making that song together is something I won’t forget”

What's the craziest thing that's happened as a show that you've witnessed or performed at?

“Currently I think the craziest and also funniest thing that happened at a show was during our set at the Stanhope House someone put a bucket on their head and started dancing around and hitting it to the cowbell in ‘Colors’.”

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

“If I could change anything about the industry it would definitely be the royalty rates of streaming services. They are pretty crappy and artists do deserve some better compensation for their art. I would also change how dependent the entire industry is on social media. There is tons of great hidden art out there and labels and industry buffs won’t push too many people who haven’t peaked on social media yet. Although I fully agree with being independent, I disagree that artists are turned away because of lack of social media traffic.”

What's next for Good Stuff?

“I don’t really know what’s next for Good Stuff. Currently we have been playing together for just over a year, and we’ve continuously shown growth in our songwriting and have gotten more and more opportunities as the time passes. We do one day hope to take a tour playing our songs around the nation and possibly world, but all I truly hope for is our songwriting and production to get better and better and we’re happy with each and every project we make. Wherever that may lead us is something we'll have to wait and find out.” 

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